Sarah Sufyan

4 January 2019

On the 4th of January , we went to Marina Barrage for a picnic. My friend , was running , trying to catch our frisbee , when a kite flew in front of his face. He was shocked and tripped onto the kite , causing one of the sticks to break. The owner of the kite was quite nonchalant and only asked us to replace the stick . However , a bystander who witnessed this incident , approached him and demanded him to buy a new kite for the owner . When we went into the store , we were quite distraught as we are still students and weren’t able to afford the kite. As we were discussing our situation at the store , the store owner , Ms Nancy Lim overheard us . She listened to our story and compassionately offered to replace the stick without us requiring to purchase a new kite . We thanked her profusely and managed to provide the owner of the kite with a new stick. I would like to say thank you to Ms Nancy Lim and I highly recommend the store to anyone who appreciates friendly service and great kites 😀

KK Lim

30 December 2018

Honourable Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong called at our store while on a family visit to Marina Barrage.

Kite flying must have brought him fond memory of his childhood days that he was so fascinated with the variety of kites on display. Of note, he was so considerate that he did not want to cause unnecessary disruption to our business that he stood outside the store entrance to take photos of our kites. It was Nancy who spotted him and prompted me Immediately. I was at the loss for word and humbled by his visit. I invited him to come inside the store. I requested for a photo of him with Nancy and I, he graciously obliged.

This is first time that I shook hand with the PM and was deeply impressed by his warm and friendly manner. His handshake is firm, responsively warm and undoubtably, transmitted a sense of sincerity with ordinary folks like me. I can safely said that his handshake revealed a very confident, unpretentious, warm and sincere person!

For a man that I admire for his oratorical skills, wide spectrum of intellectual knowledge, politics and world affairs, I am so happy that I could not resist to post my pleasure of his visit.”

Pam Kwan

23 October 2018

I brought my two kids to the Barrage last Sunday and stopped by Barrage Cove to buy a kite for them. The nice Uncle Lim was very helpful in choosing the kite and then helped to set it up and taught the girls how to fly it. He offered very helpful guidance for how to hold and release the kite-string, and gave us advice on how to prevent the kids from getting it all accidentally tangled up! We are already considering going back to get another one to add to our collection!

Kim Seng

31 August 2018

Many thanks to the friendly kite shop Uncle who helped make our first kite flying experience as a family a memorable one! He patiently helped my Son (6yo) & Daughter 4yo) with the choice of & setting up of their kites, and even after the first round where I went back to him sheepishly with a big tangled mess (first time flying a kite in almost a Decade), he was able to help me cut off the offending clump & re-set the kite. Will definitely be back soon, this time with my Wife in addition to my children, and if she wants to get fixed up with a kite as well I know just who to look for!

Calvin Teo

6 January 2018

Thank you Aunty Nancy for giving the kids from Kaki Bukit Fun & Learn Clubs the ice creams and bubbles

Monica Marie-Antoinette

16 June 2017

Uncle Lim is very patient and he guides you thru so well helping you pick out a kite to getting the basic neccessities. Doesnt force you into buying and spending big. But we were mighty pleased with uncle that we went back for more kites infact a bigger one and longer line. Fantastic service. Worth the buy!

Karthi Gayan

16 June 2017

Thanks to Mr. Lim for choosing a very gd kite and fix it up for me. He even went a extra mile
to add some tapes to my kite to reinforce it. Take his advice and you will never go wrong. Thanks see u on Sunday! Hehe

Cheng Yong

22 May 2017

I went to marina barrage for a picnic on Saturday 20 May 2017 at around 7pm. And I forgot to bring my wine opener for my bottle of wine. I went around looking for people to lend me a wine opener, and your staff put in a lot of effort to help me to open my bottle even though it was peak hour and there was a lot of customers in the shop. Nancy took around 20minutes to help me find a wine bottle opener in her shop while at the same time attending to customers. I really appreciate what she did, especially when I did not purchase anything from your shop. There was also another male colleague helping her with it but I did not catch his name. This really made my day and a normal staff would have refused to entertain me as I am not your customer. 🙂

Lauren, Kim & Binh

As a family, we cycle from Marina Bay to Gardens by the Bay South every weekend. We always stop at the Barrage Cove shop for refreshments and a friendly chat with Nancy & Richard. It is through these regular pitt stops that we have grown to know Nancy & Richard well and are always enthused by their knowledge of great cycling paths in addition to their shop providing all needs a cyclist could possibly want. Our daughter insists on stopping by every weekend for her ice-cream fix and not to mention seeing Aunty Nancy and Uncle Richard. We would not hesitate to recommend a stop at the Barrage Cove shop. Whether you’re a cyclist, looking for a kite, picking up refreshments, snacks, ice-creams or sweets – it is the perfect pitt stop to recharge your batteries!!

Caroline Blackie

My grandson and I went to buy a kite with no prior knowledge of what sort would be the best for a 5 year old. We were given excellent advice then clear instructions about assembling the kite and how to use the reel effectively. As a result we were able to go immediately up on top of the barrage and have a lovely time with each of us successfully flying the new kite. I was so impressed with the whole experience that we went back with more of the family the next week to choose two more kites, this time to take home to New Zealand. Again we had wonderful help and advice.

Sinta Jo

Hi. Just want to drop a note on what a nice experience we had at the barrage and in particular the kite store. I have 2 small kids who have never had a kite so we decided to come and get a kite and fly it yesterday. Ms Nancy Lim and the Friendly Uncle assisting (sorry forgot to ask for name) were very patient and helpful in choosing a good kite, and both were very service oriented. They helped to setup the kite, and after we finished, they showed us how to disassemble and store the kite. Our family and a good hours of enjoyment flying the kite and we are likely to go more often now to the barrage. Thanks.

David Yeo

I did not have a chance a dear thank you to Nancy for her unrelentless help and exceptional effort in ensuring clients like me (who is a father of 2 boys) get to fly the kites jointly with them with no strings tangled. Really appreciate it and since my visit to your shop on the Hari Raya Haji public holiday, I have shared this great wonderful service I have experienced with my friends and colleagues.

Eng Heok

Have not flown a kite for many years. Went to Barrage Cove to get a kite for a Sunday evening. Thank you Uncle for the great service and recommendation on the stingray kite and the 200m reel set. The kite took off in my first try and up and up it went. Really enjoyed the flying experience. After flying I returned to the shop to enjoy more service which was delivered without questions, they taught me how to fold the kite and fit it back inside the bag.
It isn’t easy to find such sincere service in retail these days, so glad to discover Barrage Cove. Will be back for another kite vey soon.

Sharon Anne Pillai

Barrage Cove and Gift Shop Rocks

Took my nephews and nieces to the Marina Barrage and stumbled on the Barrage Cove Gift shop.
We went to the Marina Barrage on an impulse and were not prepared for a picnic let alone for some kite flying. My 6 year old nephew, Akshay , wanted so badly to try his hand at kite flying. A kind parent suggested Marina Barrage Cove gift shop and so off we went.
In Akshay’s words, this shop is “Awesome, ” got kites, got drinks, got chips got slippers , got towels and got Water Wally. ! “Uncle Lim” from the shop, patiently helped Akshay choose his kites and
off we went. Verdict of older nephew and nieces, Nirmal, Ishaana and Tara, “Wow, no need to bring our picnic basket , we can buy everything here! Look ! So Thank you Barrage Cove for coming to an aunt’s rescue.

Kok Chuan Tan

Have jogged past the barrage area many times and noticed that there seems to be many people flying kites, especially in the evening. Reminded me of the times when I was a little boy and my parents brought me to the park near our house to fly kite. Decided to head down with my wife and son to check it out. Turned out there’s this quaint shop in the Barrage which sells all sorts of kites. My son was thrilled to see the kaleidoscope of colourful kites. The staff was extremely helpful (which I am especially grateful for given I have forgotten how to fly a kite). Couldn’t ask for a better place to fly kite. Beautiful CBD skyline as backdrop and the gorgeous Gardens by the Bay just next to us. In this modern digital age where the latest craze is remote controlled drone… its really nice to go back to basics and just reminisce about the good old days! Will definitely visit again!

Clarissa Then

I had the most refreshing experience over the weekend with my kids at the Marina Barrage – our very first time there. We brought our frisbees and lots of food in our picnic basket. When we got there, my husband started throwing the frisbees to my kids but they seemed distracted and were not their usual enthusiastic selves. Then we realized that the numerous kites being flown by adults and kids alike had caught their attention. The frisbees which used to be my kids’ favourite toy suddenly paled in comparison to the colourful kites, almost alive being manifested in the likes of various animals and even superheros. Even my husband and I were amazed! I knew what was going to happen and it did – my kids pestered me to get them kites. What?! Where in the world would I get kites there and then?? Fortunately, a kind gentleman with his son walked over to me, apparently having observed the little commotion that was going on with me and my kids. He told me that I could get kites from a shop on the 1st level of the Marina Barrage complex. I did not lose a minute so after thanking the man, I quickly ran to the 1st floor and there it was, Barrage Cove. When I walked into the store, I saw the variety of kites being sold there and being someone who has never flown a kite before, I asked the shop personnel there for some advice. He was really patient with me, explaining the pros and cons of several kites and helped me pick up 2 kites for my kids. Before I left the shop, I think he must have seen this slightly worried look on my face and he said to me, “don’t worry, if you have trouble with the kites, come and look for me and I will help you out.” What a really nice gesture and excellent service! Fortunately, we were able to launch our kites without much trouble, thanks to the kind shop personnel at Barrage Cove who gave me such clear flying instructions! My kids were happy, husband was happy and hey, that made me happy!

Felicia Lee

Decided on a whim to take a break from the concrete jungle with some friends to spend a breezy Sunday afternoon at Marina Barrage. Found this quaint one-stop shop called Barrage Cove near the central courtyard which sells everything needed for a last minute picnic- drinks,snacks, picnic mat etc. They also sold colourful kites of various shapes and sizes. Bought a beautiful kite in the shape of a sting ray from the shop and the very friendly staff help us “set up” since we haven’t flown a kite in a while! The kite took to the skies and drifted in the wind to our excitement. Bliss – couldn’t ask for a better Sunday. Will be back!

Nancy Lim

Great outing today for the kids! The kids were having great fun with the new found weekend hobbhy – KITE flying!!! Was grateful to the sales staff of Barrage Cove – good recommendation of kites. Good value for money on the big kites. will not hesitate to let friends know.

Grace Goon

I chanced upon the shop when I was at the Marina Barrage and decided to went in to take a look because of the colourful kites on display. A gem if you are flying kites at the Barrage as there is a wide selection of kites in the shop at decent prices.

Baldwin Liao

Previously, I had some bad experiences in buying kites. Since then, I have really preferred to buy kites from retail stores. Unlike buying online, I can check the “flyability” or “test drive” the kites at the stores immediately. Ideally, the store has to have an open space nearby like Barrage Cove. It is my preferred store for its reliable service. If there is a manufacturing defect, I can get it solved immediately. It is just a stone-throw away from the Marina Barrage Rooftop, a popular kite-flying site!

Sunny Lim

Good service and convenient location! Pricing is reasonable too

Huei-Yu Lin

The best view of the Singapore skyline, hands down. It’s a beautiful field on top of a water treatment plant by the edge of the ocean.
Bring a kite, pack a picnic and run amok with your friends after dusk.

Roshan Kumar

Very nice place to enjoy.. View the city and the sea together in harmony

Ong Chi Hang

Educational trip on green technologies of Marina Barrage.