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Barrage Cove, Gift, Kite & Convenience Store -The Go-to Place for kite- flying enthusiasts, picnickers and outdoor recreation seekers.

Nestled at the Marina Barrage, Singapore’s most preferred kite flying destination, is The Barrage Cove, Gift, and Kite & Convenience Store. It opened its doors in November 2008 and is easily accessible by public bus (SBS No.400) and the MRT, which stops you off at the Marina South Station.

For kite flying enthusiasts, a stop at Barrage Cove is a must. Look no further for your choice of kites. Barrage Cove has an array of well, designed and exquisitely crafted kites in every shape and colour available for sale. The kites have been carefully selected to suit experienced hobbyists as well as beginners. What’s more ….the well- trained staff are able to advise on kite selection to suit different wind conditions. Kite flying is made easy, fun and relaxing with our selected kite range given its tested “fly-ability” and the favorable wind conditions at the roof garden of Marina Barrage located by the coastal waters off the South China Sea.

Chat with Uncle Lim, a retiree, who works at Barrage Cove. The affable Uncle Lim is a keen landscape and event photographer. He has taken many shots of the Marina Barrage since it opened in 2008. The Marina Barrage is a popular venue for weddings and photo shoots and people flock there to catch the fireworks display during National Day. Uncle Lim, will advise you on the “Golden Hours “ for your photo shoots and where to get the best angles in the area for your photographs.
Joggers and cyclists along the East entrance of Gardens by the Bay trail, make sure to head for a pit stop at the Barrage Cove Gift shop and at the same time re-charge with your choice of Red Bull, 100 Plus and other chilled beverages.

As for parents, whose kids get drenched at the Children’s Water Playground, fear not! Barrage cove has an ample selection of toiletries, towels, t-shirts and slippers available.

Planning a picnic at the Marina Barrage? Then be sure to pop in at Barrage Cove. Well stocked for your entire picnic needs. Choose from crisps, crackers, refreshing cold drinks, ice cream and your entire entire picnic needs including picnic mats.

To remember your trip to the Marina Barrage, be sure to choose from a range of souvenirs such as Water Wally. Fans of Water Wally, the official mascot of the Public Utilities Board (PUB) will be pleased to know that you may purchase miniature and soft toy versions i.e. Water Wally key chains. Many of them display Water Wally in different poses such as on a kayak. Water Wally merchandise is sold exclusively at Barrage Cove, as it is the authorized distributor in Singapore.

So be sure to call on Uncle Lim at the Barrage Cove for your kites, drinks, picnic needs and great photographic tips.

Barrage Cove, Gift, and Kite & Convenience Store…the one-stop store at Marina Barrage.

Barrage Cove,
Marina Barrage #01-03,
No.8 Marina Gardens Drive,
Singapore 018951

Business Registration No. 53120625D